Located on both the Asian and European shores of the Dardanelles (straight, Hellespont), Chanakkale links the Sea of Marmara with the Aegean. It has always had an important strategic role. Pilgrims, conquering armies and trade caravans stopped here before or after crossing the Dardanelles. Chanakkale is a major historical site figuring prominently in mythology as well as ancient and recent history. It was the major strong-point in the defence of the Dardanelles from the time of the Trojans through World War I.

Though the weary waters of the Dardanelles, Chanakkale is a vibrant harbour town with a multicultural past and a busy seafront that is home to a replica of the Trojan horse used in the 2004 movie Troy. While the town undeniably made a convenient base for the World War I battlefields at Gallipoli, as well as the ruins of Troy, Chanakkale itself deserves to be on the visit list. The hauntingly beautiful town is also the starting point to the Turkish Aegean Islands of Gökçeada and Bozcaada.


Population: According to the 2013 census, the total population of Chanakkale is 502.328. The population of central Chanakkale is 149.881




Road Transport:

Chanakkale-İstanbul: 199 miles (320 km.)

İstanbul to Chanakkale route involves ferry crossings between Gelibolu-Lapseki, Eceabat-Chanakkale and Klitbahir-Chanakkale

Chanakkale-Ankara: 407 miles (655 km.)

Chanakkale-İzmir: 202 miles (326 km. )

Chanakkale-Bursa: 168 miles (271 km.)

Chanakkale-Edirne: 134 miles (216 km.)


See distance to other cities from Chanakkale




Districts – Travel by Coach:

Frequent coach services connect Chanakkale city with 11 districts and many other cities. Chanakkale Coach Station has regular services to most of the popular towns and villages as well as providing links to many of the smaller destinations that visitors may like to reach.


See distance to 11 districts:





Air Transport:


Flights from Ankara to Chanakkale: Every – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday – 08:30 am

Flights from Chanakkale to Ankara: Every – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday – 10:30 am


  • Places to Visit in Central Chanakkale


  • Mirror Bazaar (Passage Hallio)

The bazaar resembling a small Ottoman Bazaar of sorts (or bearing resemblance to Ottoman Bazaars) was built by Eliyau Hallio, then one of the notable persons of Juwish Community. The inscription on the lintel over the entrance is dated 1889 but there is not much information on how the name “Mirror” was originally given to the bazaar.  Since its restoration, the Mirror Bazaar has been a popular destination with a variety of gift and souvenir shops for both international and domestic tourists.


  • Chanakkale Archaeology Museum

The museum has a collection of sculptural and archaeological artefacts from prehistoric age to modern age. The wide variety of objects distributed within five different halls and the garden are the findings from the ruins of Troy, Assos, Apollon Smintheion, Tenedos, Alexandreia Troas and Dardanos Tumulus.


  • Çimenlik Fortress (Kale-i Sultaniye)

The fortress overlooking the Dardanelles Strait was built in Fatih Sultan Mehmet’s time (15th century) to protect İstanbul from invasion. The fort’s thick walls were built to withstand attack by cannon and at the time of its completion, the fortress was a robust example of military architecture. But its location made it vulnerable to attacks of HMS Queen Elizabeth battleship during Gallipoli Campaign.


  • ÇTSO Chanakkale Centre

Chanakkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTSO) Chanakkale Centre has been opened in order to develop the tourism potential of the city by promoting historical, touristic, cultural, social values and local products. The historic building has been opened to the public by CTSO to be at forefront for making the city prominent and to improve the quality of services given at the first step to visitors.


  • Surp Kevork Armenian Church

The church belonging to the Armenian Community is dedicated to St. Surp Kevork and was rebuilt in 1873 on the foundations of previous 7th century church. The building became a government-owned property after Armenians left the city in 1915 and now is the Culture House of 18 March University of Chanakkale.


  • Korfmann Library

The library was founded under the will of Manfred Korffman, the German archaeologist conducted excavations at Troy from 1988 up to 2005 in which he died of cancer.


  • Chanakkale City Museum

The museum is a good day out for anyone who wants to find out more about the city and, the collections and the exhibitons illustrate the different aspects of Chanakkale.


  • Clock Tower

The Clock Tower with a four-sided clock faces on has for many years acted as a prominent landmark when giving directions or as a place to meet. It has nice architecture, very well kept and good for photos. The Municipality had the clock repaired after a long period of stoppage. It was bequeathed to Chanakkale by the then Italian Consul, Emilio Vitalis in 1897. The tower incorporating a drinking fountain on, is constructed all from Ayvalık Pink Andesite and narrows in 5 stages to the polygonal belfry stage then the decorated lead-coated spire.


  • Ceramic Museum

The museum has an extensive collection of ceramic works. The examples one sees in the museum are one will rarely see in galleries.  The content of the selections are a modern and traditional local motifs from different periods until the present and portraying Chanakkale life. The Museum is situated in a historical bath, vey well curated and organized, and the collections are presented in a fascinating manner.


  • Mekor Haim Synagogue

The Jewish Community has now vanished from the town. As the quorum needed before the synagogue could be used, religious services ceased when the town had a Jewish population of under 10. Every October, Jewish people from İstanbul gather together in the 120 year old synagogue to celebrate Shabbat (a day of rest and spiritual rejuvenation). Blessings are made and candles are lit.


  • Beaches


  • Güzelyalı Beach – International Youth Camp

Sports & Training Camp captivates visitor attractions with the state of the art sports facilities which can accommodate a wide variety of sports, and has been designed to cater for the leisure, sport and recreation needs offering activities for children, young people and adults alike. Sports & Training Camp, where the forest meets the sea, is also ideal for teams who are focussed on their training as it is tucked away from the main town. The Camp has experience in hosting sports teams, sporting tournaments, coach education programmes, school games trials, regional, national and international independent competitions.


  • ASsos Kadırga Cove


Assos Kadırga Cove is one of the lovely coves between Küçükkuyu and Assos. It is a seaside resort declared a protected area. There are 14 tourist facilities in the cove that have not threatened to ruin the environment on which they depend. All around is the coastal beauty of cool, deep blue soothing water, the shoreline of shells and boulders, shrub thickets alongside the beach road. If you didn’t know civilization was only a few miles away, you might easily believe yourself to be in the pristine rural setting. Sleep like a baby listening to the birds singing or to the sea lap against the shore..



  • Kumburun Taşkapı Cove


Situated in Kumburun Village, Ezine is ideal for couple and family beach holidays. After about 10 minutes driving, a trail that branches off Kumburun Road, sheltered by pine trees brings you to Taşkapı Cove. The child friendly beach is tucked away in a scenic cove, lesser known in the area as it is far from the main road and rarely becomes over-crowded. It is also a nice picnic spot with benches; or why not pitch a tent. The delightful cove with its blue clear waters, sandy sea bottom and shingle beach promises an idyllic location to relax, sunbathe and swim.



  • Ayazma Beach

Sand so fine and silky smooth under your feet and water so blue, kind of a teal color, streching out before you. So, scoot to the beach, lay in the sunshine, hang out with friends, and feel your holiday spirit. The beach is backed by extensive dunes. Situated right above the dunes is a few restaurants and cafes serving cold drinks, a wide variety of traditional food and fresh fish to fast-food. Tables are covered by checked tablecloths with brown painted wooden chairs where you can grab a bite to eat or sip beer at sunset.

Ayazma Beach is the most popular and populous beach of the island. Minibus services run to the beach on a regular basis in high season but less frequently in quiet months. There are sun loungers and parasols on the beach for hire. As watersports you can try jet-ski, banana and hamburger boat that will have you grinning from ear to ear or paddle boat and sea kayak, for a great leg and arm workouts.



  • Chanakkale Onsekiz Mart Unıversity Dardonos Beach

Dardanos calls you, where elegant blue waters of Aegean and Marmara Sea meets emerald green of Mount Ida.. ÇOMU Dardanos Beach is 8 km from the airport and 10 km from central Chanakkale, offering sports and leisure activities, and food – drink selections. The location is the place to really cool off; for friends/family get away. Soak up some rays and dive in for a delicious swim.




  • Chanakkale Yeni Kordon&Peace Beach


Chanakkale’s most beautiful and crowded land, Chanakkale Yeni Kordon (Peace Beach) is one of the best places to go to sea in Chanakkale. Seating locations on the beach are located in the center of Chanakkale, with a wonderful atmosphere and exquisite fresh cones.

In this place I went to observe the sunset of the sun, all the Dardanelles people seem to arrive at the same moment, as if the weather was right after the weather. In the pear seats set up on the seaside, you can enjoy the tiredness of the day or eat ice cream until it bursts in fresh cones, one of the most beautiful activities of Chanakkale Yeni Kordon.






Across the Dardanelles by ferry 12.00

Lunch at Eceabat Maydos Restaurant

Gallipoli Battlefields Tour visiting

Kabatepe War Museum

Brighton Beach

(The intended landing place )

Beach Cemetery (On the southern tip of ANZAC Cove)

(The landing place of the first wave of ANZAC troops and home to up to 30,000 troops during the campaign. )

(John Simpson Kirkpatrick of “Simpson and his donkey” fame is buried in this cemetery)

Anzac Cove

Ari Burnu Cemetery ( on the northern tip of ANZAC Cove )

Anzac Commemoration Site

Lone Pine Australian Memorial

(Site of the successful attack and capture of Turkish trenches by the Australians during the August offensive)

Johnston’s Jolly (where you’ll visit original Allied and Turkish trenches and tunnels)

57th Regiment Turkish Memorial

The Nek (Site of the famous Light Horse charge depicted in the ‘Gallipoli’ movie)

Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial

(Captured by the New Zealanders during the August offensive, highest point captured during the entire campaign)

The tour returns to CANAKKALE 18.30



All Transportation in A/C vehicle

Guiding Service

Lunch at Eceabat Maydos Restaurant

Museum entrance ticket and return ferry ticket






The tour starts at 07.15. After completing our preparations, we go out at 08.00 and pass the strait line. After arriving at Kabatepe Harbor, we immediately take the ferry to Gökçeada and continue on our journey. After an hour’s ferry ride we are approaching Kuzu Limanı.

The first stop of our journey in Gökçeada will be Gliki (Old Bademli) Village. We will be able to see and photograph the preserved village texture in every street for years. During the trip, we will have the opportunity to taste the unique tastes from the residents of the region. After the completion of our visit to the town, we will head for Kaleköy coast. We will go to the city center to eat our lunch after the coffee and photo break we will give to the beach. After lunch we will visit Zeytinli Village, which is famous for its gummy pudding and Dibek coffe.

Then we will move towards Dereköy. We will also have the chance to see the church and the historic laundry in this village. After we finished our visit in Derekoy We give the break for take a photos  in the İnce Burun  which is the most western end of the Turkey. We go to Aydıncık coast after the swimming break in Secret Harbor.

During the free time in Aydıncık Beach, our wishful customers can enjoy the beach or make a mud bath. Then we are ready at the hour that our guide sets and we ride the bus. Finally we go to Kuzu Limanı and return to Chanakkale by ferry.



Bozcaada is a small island in the north of the Aegean Sea, connected to the province of Chanakkale. It is located at the entrance of the Dardanelles Straits as the third largest island of Turkey. The settlement is located in the district center in the north-east of the island. There is no village other than this.

Leukophrys in ancient times, Tenedos in Greek mythology, Bozcaada has been invaded and changed hands many times during the ages due to its strategic position. As it is understood from the excavations made in the name of the necropolis on the island, It’s about 3000 years. The first known inhabitants of the island are Pelasg. Then Phoenicians, Athenians, Greeks, Persians, Alexander the Great, Byzantines, Genoese, Venetians and Ottomans, respectively, dominated the island.

After Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Istanbul, Bozcaada gained importance for the Turks and joined the Ottoman lands in 1455. From this date, the Ottomans and the Venetians have been fighting for Bozcaada and the dominance of the island has passed from time to time through the Venetians.

After passing a long period of Ottoman rule, during the Balkan Wars in 1912, the island was occupied by Greece, the 1923 Lausanne Treaty attached to the Republic of Turkey.

07.30 We meet in Chanakkale Cumhuriyet Square and move to Geyikli.

Transition to Bozcaada from Geyikli Pier by Ferry  09.00

  • Visit to Bozcaada Castle
  • Tour of Historic Greek Houses and Streets
  • Visit to the Historical Greek Orthodox Church
  • Wine tasting at the workshops
  • Free time for lunch
  • Swimming Zone at Ayazma Beach (3 hours)
  • Visiting the Windgills
  • Free time and Shopping in Bozcaada

Return to Chanakkale with ferry from Geyikli Pier  18.00




The  Ida Mountain has the second cleanest air in the world with an excess of oxygen. The Ida Mountains form a boundary between the Marmara and the Aegean regions. With a height of 1774 meters, the Kazdağı offers a unique nature adventure to its guests with its rich fauna and flora.

We start this unique adventure by meeting at Chanakkale Cumhuriyet Square in the morning  at 07.15. At  10.00 we reach Akçay and head towards the highest point of Biga peninsula with Land Rover Defender model Jeeps. Hasanboğuldu  slough  is our first stop. We go to the Sutuven waterfall and listening to the sad love story of Hasan and Emine who are the subject of  movies. Olive and olive oil constitute an important source of income for the region.

We visit the olive oil production factory. After seeing the olive and olive oil production stages, we stand by the water in the nature for lunch. After lunch, we head for the Sarıkız and the İda Mountains Ethnography Gallery. After seeing the legends and experiences of the Ida Mountain in the museum, we go to the ancient Greek village of Adatepe. After listening to the stories and legends of stone houses in Adatepe, we are offering you the most peaceful hours of the day under the century-old plane tree in the village square.

Our last stop is a short walk to the Altus of Zeus, which tells us that Zeus ruled the wars according to Greek mythology. It is an extraordinary place where you have to come and see  İda Mountain with its legends and clean air. It’s a good opportunity to escape from the city and its influence. Our tour ends at 19.00. We will arrive nearly at 21.00 to Chanakkale.




We meet at the pier at 08:30. On 08.45 we are heading for Troy, one of the most important archaeological sites in the world and in our country. We will travel about 45 minutes. Thanks to our guide we will also learn about the city’s enormous story and the unknowns of the legend. Our trip to the city will begin with seeing the imposing city walls. We will then see the ruins of the Athena temple, the ramp door, the Troia II defensive wall, the sanctuary, and finally Odeon. Following the visit to the city, we will move towards the Kazdağları, which is known as the İDA Mountains in mythology.

İda Mountain:

After about 1 hour we will reach the Kazdağları National Park. After the information given by our guide about the first beauty contest, we will take a short nature walk in the presence of bird sounds. We will give a photo stop at the waterfall and then go to the restaurant for the lunch break. We will then head for Assos.


Athena temple, water cisterns, historical walls, Acropolis, Hüdavendigar Mosque, we will visit Edirne Bay and take a little break to photograph the unique view of the Island of Lesbos. We will then take a break at Behramkale Village for shopping. After the shopping stop we will visit my Assos Theater. Finally we will go to the ancient harbor and we will find the opportunity to taste Assos’ famous ice cream. Then we will return to Chanakkale.



Do you have a unique adventure in Ayvalık is one of Turkey’s most important tourism destination?

Get ready to explore Ayvalık’s history and visit unique landscapes with our experienced guides!

Ayvalık Boat Tour Content

We will follow road of Ezine- Ayvacik- Edremit to reach Ayvalık. After arriving at Cunda Island we will go to the Taksiyarhis Church with our professional guide. Our guide will give us historical information about the church, which is also used as a museum, and we will be able to take pictures as we want. After completing our trip to Kiltalis, we will go to the pier to start our boat trip in Ayvalik.After this point, It will be even more fun. We will visit the beautiful and magnificent bay with different beauty.

After finish our Boat Trip we will return the Cunda İsland. When you tour in the island in your free time also you can take a lot of pictures to magnicifent  landscape.

Of course we will not leave without enjoying the gummy ice cream which the most famous dessert of the island. If you wish  you will be able to go to Stone Coffee and have a cup of tea during the ice cream break. After We will shopping and go to different cafes at our free time, as determined by our guide. At the end of the free time we will begin our return to Chanakkale.

Morabbin Park

ICDAS Congre Center

Old Church