As the festival organization, the health of our choirs and all participants is our top priority in these challenging days which we are struggling with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), which affects the world and our country and threatens human health.

We are working to create a good festival environment by complying with all the regulations according to the Covid-19 situation that will exist on the festival dates.

In Turkey, Turkish Ministry of Health and every city’s Pandemic board is working quite attentive and Covid-19 measures are kept at a high level.

Çanakkale is one of the cities with the fewest cases of Covid during the Covid-19 process. Our wish and foresight is that the epidemic is going to be completely under control on the festival dates (19-24 July 2022) and it is our greatest desire to ensure the continuity and realization of all arts, concerts and festivals etc.

In this context, our festival organization is working on various scenarios and preparations according to all the changes that might be seen with Covid 19.


  • Covid 19 measures will be kept at the highest level in the accommodation places in terms of the health of our choristers.
  • During the festival, we will be in contact with each choir and Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Medical Faculty Hospital in case of health problems that may occur in chorists.
  • For the Festival and Competition performances, a session plan with less audience and social distance will be prepared in our indoor hall.
  • Permanent disinfection will be carried out in our concert hall.
  • Choir rehearsals will also be enabled to take place within the scope of health measures.
  • There will be fever control for the spectators entering the hall. No audience will be allowed into the hall without a mask.
  • According to the course of Covid 19 during the festival, Festival and Competition performances in the festival will be held outdoors, if necessary, under appropriate conditions.
  • We will send our “Covid -19 Festival Rules” declaration to our choirs close to the festival, and our precaution plans according to the conditions of Covid-19 at that time. We will care that every choir follows these rules.

Hope to see you in Çanakkale.

Best Regards

Festival Organization Board